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Akick Total Security Review by DENNIS NELSON

Akick Total Security is another security package that you can consider apart from the common options. The package promises to make your offline and online activities free of possible attacks from suspicious files. To achieve all this, the software presents a host of features from vulnerability scanners, email security, to web security.
At a glance
This software’s installation file is small, which is reminiscent of most other anti-virus programs. During the installation process, it will download additional files to enhance its functionalities. Before completing the process, the program will prompt you to fill out your details. Regardless of the authenticity of the details, they just need to follow the standard format and you will receive a 365-day license.

Loads of security options
Right off the bat, Akick Total Security impressed me with its lengthy list of features. That was despite its small-sized installation size, which contrasts other anti-virus software. Each of the main options listen on the left pane has additional sub-categories that you will find helpful in configuring this program to suit your needs.
Different scan options
Scanning your system frequently using an anti-virus makes it easy to identify problems and potential threats. In this case, Akick Total Security provides four scan options to let you choose based on what you want at different times. That is, you can opt for the short Quick Scan or just go for the comprehensive Root Scan.
Useful Firewall options
Under the Firewall options, this program presents loads of protection options. I found these options comprehensive especially in blocking specified websites. The options let me block certain URLs based on their categories or by specifying their absolute addresses. At the same time, you could proceed to block applications for a specified period.
Easily generate reports
Certain situations do call for the use of reports. Thankfully, Akick Total Security will have you covered. To start with, the software lets you choose the type of report you want then proceed to specify the period. In addition to those options, you can quickly search through previous reports.

Limited time license
Clearly, this anti-virus program boosts of many amazing features that you will find useful. However, you will have to note that despite registering it, the valid license period is one year. After the expiration of this period, you would probably have to purchase the license.
Despite being a relatively new entrant in the security field, Akick Total Security puts up a good account of itself thanks to its plethora of features and options. The program is also lightweight hence minimally impacts on your system’s performance. As such, it is a program worth trying out if you are looking for a reliable alternative to the existing household antivirus names.

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